Covid-19 Safety Measures

Anyone who books a court at Keighley Table Tennis Centre as a member is agreeing to the following:

Thank you very much for booking a table at Keighley Table Tennis Centre.

Please read the important points below before attending the centre.  They are designed to reduce the chance of the virus spreading. These guidelines will change regularly and therefore it is important that you re-read them each time you book. Of course, we hope that over time the restrictions will reduce and eventually the booking confirmation will simply say ‘thanks for booking!’ but for now, this is where we’re at.

The clearest guidance we can offer is that you should not attend KTTC if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive. If you develop symptoms after you have used the facility, please let us know so that we can support NHS Track and Trace by supplying information of others who have been in the facility within the same time period.


As you are the member who has booked the court, your name is allocated to the booking. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that as soon as you arrive, you fill in a slip with the details of the member you are playing with and post it into the safe. This is essential to comply with NHS Track and Trace as we must know everyone that has been in the facility.


The facility, equipment and playing

  1. The showers and facilities for changing should not be used and therefore, all players are expected to change at home both into your table tennis gear and out of it.
  2. Enter the facility at your booked start time and ensure you leave promptly at the end of your booked slot. However, please don’t leave the facility in a group: stagger the exit so a couple of people leave at a time.
  3. Use your own bat at all times and keep the balls clean by washing them regularly (i.e. with a wipe). Do not use your breath to attempt to clean the ball.
  4. Avoid wiping your hand on the surface of the table. Use your own towel to wipe sweat off yourself.
  5. Wipe tables dry with a towel and do not use any spray/cleaner/wipes on them as this will damage the surface of the table.
  6. When playing, there should only be two players per table. Currently, the guidelines say that you are then welcome to mix in a ‘bubble’ of six players and rotate between the six across three tables, but no more than that.
  7. Keep windows and doors (where possible) open in the facility to ensure a good flow of air.
  8. All belongings, except shoes, should be kept in a bag on YOUR chair on court. Keep water and a towel etc inside your bag until you use it, then return back to your bag.


  1. It is essential, and an expectation, that individuals must take responsibility for their own hygiene by following all the basic guidance from the Government and the World Health Organisation.
  2. Wash your hands when entering and exiting the facility and any opportunity in between.
  3. Sanitise your hands regularly with an alcohol based sanitiser. The centre has some of these fixed to the walls but please bring your own to use regularly.
  4. Don’t shake hands, high five, fist pump etc with your playing partner/opponent.

Risk assessment

  1. We have created a comprehensive Covid-19 Risk Assessment taking into consideration all aspects of the facility and all activities. All user group committees, as well as our volunteers, have had the opportunity to contribute to the risk assessment and many have made positive contributions. We encourage you to read the risk assessment and follow the guidelines, advice and systems we have put in place for everyone’s protection. We very much welcome additional observations and contributions for the risk assessment as it is a live document that will develop and change frequently. Email us on: if you would like to offer recommendations.

    The risk assessment can be found here:


  1. If you are traveling to the centre by public transport, check the latest Government advice and ensure you follow it for the safety of yourself and others you will see at the centre.
  2. If you feel able to do so safely, it would be worth considering parking your car on a nearby side street and taking a short walk to the centre. This may help avoid close contact in the car park of the mill if it gets busy.
  3. For many, it may well have been a considerable amount of time since taking part in physical activity. You should consider this carefully and ensure you are in the right physical condition before resuming the sport.
  4. If you are in a vulnerable category (over 70, health conditions etc) we advise that you don’t attend the facility until the Government advice suggests it is safer to do so.

Taking these basic safety measures seriously will ensure that you, and everyone else can get back to enjoying the sport we all love. Take care and stay safe.

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