Risk Assessment for Covid UPDATED

Risk Assessment – Covid-19 Version 2

Click on the link above to open the current Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Keighley Table Tennis Centre.

Due to various changes in regulation over the last couple of weeks, we have made several changes to the document.

As per Government regulations, we have assessed the risk in all areas of the facility and several activities. Click on the above link to have a read of the risk assessment and take note of anything which will affect you when visiting the facility. We would really, really welcome feedback on the risk assessment and would encourage any stakeholders to send their thoughts, comments and suggestions through to us on: info@keighleytabletennis.co.uk

The Trustees will discuss all suggestions received and make an informed decision on how to adjust the risk assessment accordingly.

This is a frequently changing document so new versions may be posted in the near future. Please check back for any updated versions.

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Copyright Keighley Table Tennis & Recreation Centre